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NickelbannerNickelmatic is an automated Nickelback lyric generator. All Nickelback songs being more or less equivalent, this project takes the band to its logical conclusion by statistically generating new lyrics based on the existing corpus. Judge for yourself how the results compare against the original works.

i'd lay my love from you somedays
no matter what remember you know it's never a question
uncle sam taught him to shoot for the simplety
e is for the stars
if hollywood had called her she'd be pissed if she could tie in a shiny ballroom
this life you lead, like us living in a café on main street
please believe me when i found something
and tease them all by sucking on your nose
beer bottles laying on the floor
it's hard to say to you
be the last time, i believe that you would leave me for
and now her name's in the coolest bars
it's hard to say it, time to rewind
feeling fine, lets rip out yours instead of being out with me
no matter what gets in my chest

Suggested reading: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus. Power chords, 4/4 time. Optional key change near the end.

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