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NickelbannerNickelmatic is an automated Nickelback lyric generator. All Nickelback songs being more or less equivalent, this project takes the band to its logical conclusion by statistically generating new lyrics based on the existing corpus. Judge for yourself how the results compare against the original works.

have i ever
too late to shoot for the stars
we watched the river, just pulled him down
and if you told me to
you know that you would leave me for
and you stand off in the shower
i'm loving what you gone and done now
i hate the places that we ever made
you can't give up, looking for
the one
i say hurry inside
so much faster than i
tongue tied, from all the gold
i wanted you all along!
and i will not repent
with somebody else that feels the same mistake
yeah, she'd even break a promise in the ground
you know
tell me what you do, because of you
do anything you want an end and so i tried to help him
clenching his hands off
every time call you
no one but you still don't know
and when i find out how fucking
tough is this the alley man
pulls the trigger as fast as she can even talk at all
i am the only one, what if tomorrow never comes easy when you're digging for gold
couldn't buy my love from you somedays
why the hell don't you free

Suggested reading: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus. Power chords, 4/4 time. Optional key change near the end.

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