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Technological Surrealism / Alec Nerds Out


NickelbannerNickelmatic is an automated Nickelback lyric generator. All Nickelback songs being more or less equivalent, this project takes the band to its logical conclusion by statistically generating new lyrics based on the existing corpus. Judge for yourself how the results compare against the original works.

e is for the know it all day until we figure out, could someone deliver us
and i hate the people that you know there gonna burn it on the chesterfield
i've got to be that someone that you're with
and i found it
8 minutes from losing it a lot
better than my word
in front of me, so far from me, yeah, yeah
sometimes i think 'cause no one else
i didn't mean it
i'm through, thinking of things to say it
you know
tell me what you do, because of you
to find, and i hate to be giving it cheap
i found him in an alley
in ten that she's got
so i settle to scream
i wanna do it hanging upside down
even though i ain't coming back
and he asks and i can't sleep
oh, no, gotta learn the hard way
instead of a bullet
and they're watching us
they're gonna show up every time call you
i'd give it back on
on the table
cause i am
i won't deny
all i ever
seen it a lot

Suggested reading: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus. Power chords, 4/4 time. Optional key change near the end.

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  1. Uh huh huh, I can totally hhhhuhuhuheaar it!

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