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NickelbannerNickelmatic is an automated Nickelback lyric generator. All Nickelback songs being more or less equivalent, this project takes the band to its logical conclusion by statistically generating new lyrics based on the existing corpus. Judge for yourself how the results compare against the original works.

i just can't wait
well i knew the man who hunted him down
yes i will survive
bastards sitting right there on the town
i won't, i don't guess
i made it as a poor man stealing
tired of waiting
the last one there
if i stay and you run away
what you do, because of you
and i've been there before, but not like i need another hole in the field til the morning light
then me and all my friends
i'll try cause it's my life cause i'm still in it
and light it up forgive me now
tell me what you need
i don't no i don't, no i won't stand around and i want to take away somebody's life
let me go
why must life be so full of hate
to give and to this day so many lives are broken
why, i, gotta learn this some day

Suggested reading: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus. Power chords, 4/4 time. Optional key change near the end.

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  1. Uh huh huh, I can totally hhhhuhuhuheaar it!

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