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Technological Surrealism / Alec Nerds Out

Use Bored Mind For Joy

Or, to put it another way, Yaw Views Nubs Die Hit.

Have you ever put your hands on the keyboard and started typing, then discovered that your fingers were sitting on the wrong keys? If you’re a touch typist, probably — and for a moment it feels like the CIA has taken over your hands.

I was wondering what words or phrases could be accidentally typed that way and still remain words, so I wrote a quick script to go through the dictionary looking for combinations.

Long story short, the longest word is “waxier”, which can be mistyped as “escort” (or vice versa).
Honourable mention for bad aim goes to “ewe”, which, if you somehow misplace your hands 7 keys to the right, will come out “pop”.
If you land 6 keys over and try “deer sees red reed”, you’ll type “loop kook pol pool”.

Predictably, the lion’s share of hits are for single-key misses, which are also the most common:
air/sot art/sty aura/sits awed/serf bib/non bur/nit by/nu die/for dies/ford diva/fobs dub/fin dubs/find due/fir dye/fur fa/gs fir/got gun/him hit/joy i/o id/of nu/mi nubs/mind our/pit owe/per rib/ton rub/tin rust/tidy set/dry sift/dogy sir/dot six/doc sub/din sun/dim ti/yo two/yep us/id view/bore views/bored viva/bobs waxier/escort wee/err ya/us yaw/use yaws/used yo/up

I suppose it’s possible to transmit hidden messages this way, but you’ll have a hard time describing submarine locations with “wee waxier sir views our nubs”.

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