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Freudian Crosswords #1 and #2

Ingo (a friend) and I have been batting around ideas for Freudian crosswords. The original idea was this…

Freudian Crossword

…but the story of the 1996 American Presidential election crossword stuck in my mind.

This led me to a second formulation of the Freudian crossword puzzle. It’s admittedly nowhere near as clever as the New York Times, but to its credit, it’s also pleasingly lowbrow.

It uses the idea of an ambiguous crossword — one with potentially several solutions — to expose the id of the participant. The clues are suggestive but end up being totally innocent. This is particularly satisfying because it’s written with crude intentions, yet its construction (source code, word list, etc.) are totally innocent — in start contrast with profanity filters, which are “good” in intention but necessarily contain an A-Z list of the exact same smut they try to prevent.

See it here…
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