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Technological Surrealism / Alec Nerds Out


NickelbannerNickelmatic is an automated Nickelback lyric generator. All Nickelback songs being more or less equivalent, this project takes the band to its logical conclusion by statistically generating new lyrics based on the existing corpus. Judge for yourself how the results compare against the original works.

make sure we're alive
but it doesn't matter when you gotta get a front door key to the wings of the friend that i begged you to stay
i can talk about it
it's not worth it for me, oh
dirty little lady with the movie stars
and i'm happy like this
i'm terrified that she'll wind up in the hall, there's three new holes in my wall
down the road and round we go
i'm in town
i was waiting on a lonely breath
just like i'm constantly dreaming
tell me why
i believe
a world full of hate
to find, and i can see the signs that we left my hotel room
with the movie stars
every time i do it
if today was your last
leave old pictures in the head
when am i gonna learn why cause i'm spending it
no i don't wanna stay
hold, to heal, to find out find out how if feels
to take all that
feeling way too damn good, oh, oh
amen i, amen i, amen i, i'm driving black on black
and he said each day's a gift and not be right
bastards sitting right there on the floor
it's not like i need another hole in the wake of his mistake
'cause the answer's yes, oh, the answer's yes, oh, the answer's yes, oh the answer's yes, oh the answer's yes, oh, the answer's yes, oh, the answer's yes, oh, the answer's yes

Suggested reading: Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus. Power chords, 4/4 time. Optional key change near the end.

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  1. Uh huh huh, I can totally hhhhuhuhuheaar it!

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