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The Duchess

The Duchess is a functional and stylish shower telephone.

This is one of those projects that is simultaneously intuitive and nonsensical. It’s a shower head made of an old telephone handset, with the temperature control built into the rotary dialer.

There are cold and hot water inputs in the back; the headset output is in the side. The existing perforations in the earpiece serve to let the water escape.

The Duchess is named after the famous Princess telephone, but also invoking “ducha” (Spanish for “shower”).

(Thanks to Sally and Michael for the donor phone!)


  1. alex says:

    Wouldn’t it be “douchess” if you were trying to be consistent with the Spanish pronunciation?

    • admin says:

      Yep — but I was also trying to invoke the “Princess” phone, so stayed on the English side of the line.

  2. Ryan, your local hardware store weirdo says:

    Well great… Now I’m going to spend the next week at work staring at shower diverter valves and trying to figure out the best way to fit one inside the cradle of an old rotary phone. So thanks for that tasty piece of brain chewing madness.

    • admin says:

      Hi, Ryan “The Hammer” — really glad you made it down. I’m expecting a scintillating over-the-counter discussion of valves in the near future.

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