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What To Do With A Right-Hand Drive Vehicle

This project is an embodiment of the 3-year-old spirit of road rage.

Back in 2008 or so I bought a 1993 Mitsubishi Delica, a.k.a. Road Toaster, a.k.a. Damn Vanne, a.k.a. Van Diesel, a.k.a. The Thin Green Duke. It’s been constant companion through tours with The Elixxxirs, surfing trips up the west coast, and even a few dainty off-road adventures. These Japanese-import vans are common vermin in East Vancouver, but pretty exotic elsewhere. (A Delica is is now only Chuck’s second most exotic vehicle — check out the all-American exploits of VanTruck.)

What to do with the bare patch of dashboard where the steering wheel would normally be?

The steering wheel was purchased and installed some years in advance of the electronics, after passing through a road check in the wee post-gig hours of the morning. My visibly drunk bass player was sitting in what was normally the driver’s seat and I have always wondered whether they would have pulled us over for inspection. (I haven’t been stopped since.)

The sound samples are courtesy of an aspiring young voice actor, suitably bribed with an ice cream cone.

The Arduino sketch for this is available at

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