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Drum Lights: Triggered Drum Illumination

January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

I’ve just finished surviving a New Years’ show masterminded by Bobbi-Jo Moore of The Elixxxirs. Let me briefly sing her praises first: she assembled and coordinated an army of volunteers to put together a “Back To The Future” themed party and Parkinsons fundraiser for 400, including the bar, decoration, promotion, lighting, sound, DJ, and endless loads of supplies. Not to mention actually playing the show. That’s a tremendous amount of work and risk to take on. She dug deep into her circle of friends to find help and they really came through. I’m impressed. It was a great night.
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Eastside Culture Crawl

November 12, 2014

I’m deep in preparation for the East Side Culture Crawl, an annual weekend festival in which studios scattered throughout the east side of Vancouver hold open houses.

The art can be very good, and even if it isn’t, you get the chance to wander inside parts of Vancouver that most people only pass by. It feels like an authentically East Vancouver event. Artists take a bit of time away from their day jobs — because c’mon, who can afford to live on creative dollars around here — and exhibit what they do after hours to stay sane. More or less. This makes it one of my favourite events to attend.
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SI Playing Cards

July 26, 2014

I’ve recently made progress on a big project, which is pretty exciting — it involved printing up a real-life 2-layer printed circuit board, which has gotten astoundingly cheap and easy.

Moron that later, though.

Meanwhile, another paper-based small project: SI Playing Cards. This is another cheap gag that demanded to be made. Hopefully now it’ll be quiet.

The Duchess

July 15, 2014

It might appear that I’m not working on any projects lately. That’s not correct. What is true is that I’m not *finishing* any projects lately. My office is an impossible mess of unrealized potential. Hopefully this will lead to a flood of completions later.

However, here’s a small one: The Duchess.

(Here in Strathcona, if you’re soldering copper fittings together, everyone will assume you’re manufacturing drug paraphernalia. And the worst thing you can do to your reputation is to prove their suspicions false.)

Lo8 Labels

February 15, 2014

A final detail on the Lo8 8-track tape backup: custom labels. These will hopefully recall floppy disks or zip disks for those who suffered with them. (Sorry, Imation.) Note the 8-track-style labels for each track’s contents.

Custom diskette-style label on 8-track for Lo8

Custom diskette-style label on 8-track for Lo8

At Last The Set Is Complete

December 21, 2013

We have +, -, and * — and now, finally, an รท (obelus) screwdriver.

8 Track Rewinder

December 11, 2013

A quick one following on the heels of the 8-Track tape backup

While it’s fun to kick a technology when it’s down, it’s not as satisfying as making something that actually, y’know, works well. And I had some 8-track parts left over, particularly the guts of another tape unit whose amplifier circuitry and read/write head were fried.

In the process of making the tape backup unit one of the well-known flaws of continuous-loop tape reared its head — you can’t rewind. This made testing painful, since testing 5 seconds worth of DTMF tones meant running through a complete cycle of the tape. Even on fast forward this can take some minutes.

8-Track Rewinder

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